SW Fellows



 SW Fellows

S W Fellows is a writer who enjoys writing about romance, comedy, murder and mystery-which can be a tricky combination!

Her love for writing continued, in fits and starts, between her schooldays to working full-time, and rearing a family. She told her three beautiful daughters many stories, and now enjoys telling these to her grandchildren.

S W Fellows was born and bred in North Wales and still enjoys its wonderful culture, weather, and stunning landscapes. Her interests have always been torn between art and writing, and she occasionally enjoys sketching and composing some very questionable watercolours.

It was redundancy that caused her to consider writing seriously. Several years ago, she was presented with an opportunity to become a student of Women’s Studies at Bangor University. Her studies and research led her to write a dissertation which included analysing the works of three crime fiction writers of the early twentieth century: Agatha Christie, Dorothy L Sayers, and Margery Allingham. It was hard work, but to read all that crime fiction was marvellous: Miss Marple, Poirot, Harriet Vane, and Campion- how could SW not enjoy all this ‘cosy crime’?  She gained her Master’s degree with merit, but more importantly, she was inspired to start writing in a grown-up fashion.

‘Whytfield’ happened to crop up when doing a bit of genealogy. SW embraces this in her completed stories, by centring them in the fictional Shropshire town of Whytfield, where she reveals that everyone has their own tale to tell.

SW has now retired from ‘proper’ work (you have to eat!), and enjoys reading. She is, however, really keen to start her next chapter…