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The Whytfield Series

The Whytfield series is a set of tales relating to characters in the fictional town of Whytfield in deepest Shropshire.

The Whytfield Series

The Whytfield series is ongoing, but we shall meet other interesting people from the town- there are many to choose from!

Book One

In the first book, ‘The Whytfield Inheritance: A Gardener’s tale’ we meet Dave Adams, a widower, who brings his mother Dot and his son Peter to the Whytfield Estate. Whilst they find conditions far from ideal, and Lord Whytfield and his butler, Jenkins, rather aloof, the family are just settling into country life when disaster strikes. The ambitious assistant Planning Officer will stop at nothing to get Whytfield Hall demolished and replaced with an estate of council houses. Will the ghosts from Whytfield Hall resurface to assist? Can Dave and his family join Lord Whytfield and Jenkins in their quest to save Whytfield Hall?

Book Two

In the second book ‘The Whytfield Investigation: The Policeman’s Story’ we meet Inspector Adam Stagg when an unidentified woman’s body is discovered. The official line is that she has taken an overdose, but Inspector Stagg isn’t so sure. With no leads to go on, the case is marked as unresolved. The Assistant Chief Inspector Burns is breathing down Stagg’s neck, and often mocks his lines of enquiry. When two local criminals are linked to a spate of burglaries and robberies, Stagg enlists the help of wpc Pamela Hudson.